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Is your accent standing
between you and success?

  • Do you feel that the people at work focus more on your accent than on your ideas?

  • Do you shy away from opportunities to speak in a group for fear you won’t be understood?

  • Do you frequently have to repeat what you said?

  • Do you fear your accent is impacting your career ladder?

In other words, does your accent
change the way people see you?

You’ve come to the right place! I can help you achieve a clear, effective and authoritative speaking style in American English.

What’s more, I promise the process will be rapid, comprehensive, engaging, completely individualized to your needs – and even lots of fun!

Let’s Get Started

“It was delightful and amazing to take accent training with Bonny for 3 days in Orlando. We worked hard 6 hours a day, but there was never stress, she is so funny! It was a turning point in my career, to feel so confident speaking English. Actually, I think it was a turning point in my life. I’m going home to Brazil with the confidence I need to teach our executives good, understandable English. ”
– Sarah Sebba, Director, Catalao, BR

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